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Using A Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

Using A Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

There are many reasons to choose a wrist blood pressure monitor over a conventional armband monitor. Care Touch Wrist Monitors offers you fast, accurate readings, but aren’t nearly as cumbersome. They are great for traveling, easy to store, and will provide reliable readings from anywhere. They are also good for people who have bigger arms and find the arm cuff of a traditional monitor uncomfortable.

Using your Care Touch Wrist Monitor correctly is essential to get the most accurate readings. There are also many factors that can affect your results. Before using your wrist monitor, take the following precautions to ensure that your results are as accurate as possible:blood pressure cuff

1. Take your blood pressure around the same time each day. It is normal for your blood pressure to fluctuate throughout through the day.

Moderate Climate

2. Do your reading in an environment with a moderate climate. Extreme temperatures can affect your results.

blood pressure machine

3. Avoid eating, exercising, bathing, smoking, or drinking alcohol and caffeinated beverages for at least 30 minutes prior to testing.

blood pressure monitor

4. Get into a comfortable, relaxed position and sit still for 5 minutes. Make sure your back is properly supported and your feet are flat on the floor.

blood pressure units

5. Place the monitor on your wrist, approximately a half inch below your wrist bone. The monitor screen should be facing in the same direction as your palm. If you are wearing long sleeves, roll them up. There should be no fabric or other obstructions between the monitor and your wrist.

Snuggy Cuff

6. Secure the cuff snuggly. There should be just enough room to slip one finger under the cuff.

You’re now ready to take your reading. To begin, follow the steps below:

Heart Level

1. Rest your elbow on a sturdy surface and raise your wrist to heart level.

Start Button

2. With your palm facing up, hit the start button to begin the reading.


3. Remain calm and motionless as the cuff inflates. Avoid talking, as it may affect your reading.


  • We recommend taking an average of two readings. After the first reading, repeat the reading process after 1-2 minutes without removing the blood pressure monitor. If the readings are not close, take the 3rd one and average the three. It is necessary to wait in between readings because your blood pressure will raise between readings and you will need about 1-2 minutes to allow your blood pressure to normalize.
  • If the number seems abnormally high, try to relax, and wait 5 minutes before doing another reading.


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