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Up Your Meal Plan With Foods That Help Regulate Your Blood Sugar

Up Your Meal Plan with Foods That Help Regulate Your Blood Sugar

Does having diabetes mean you’re now destined to only eat bland, tasteless food for the rest of your life? Of course not! Despitbeing diagnosed with diabetes, you can still enjoy the food you eat—especially if you know how to prepare them in ways that fit your health. 

Committing to a balanced and nutritional diet is indeed a must-do for everyone especially for diabetics. But don’t worry! A nutritional meal doesn’t equate to boring. All it takes is a little creativity and a whole lot of research.  

In this post, we will let you in on some food hacks that you can easily do in the kitchen to help you prepare meals that regulate blood sugar. Below are three of the most recommended food items good for a diabetic diet—with a twist! Learn creative ways to level up your meal plan with these tips.  


1. Oatmeal 

More like yes-meal.  

High carbohydrate and sugar level foods are a no-no in a meal plan for diabetics. To regulate your blood sugar levels, you should indulge in food that is low in sugar and unhealthy fat while hosting rich fiber and nutrients. 

You’ve known oatmeal as a staple breakfast food but did you also know that oatmeal is one of the go-to foods for a ton of health benefits? This is a whole-grain food that has a low glycemic index and high fiber content—making it one of the perfecmeals to regulate blood sugar.  

Some of the notable benefits of adding oatmeal to your diet include better weight management, lower cholesterol, and higher energy levels.  


Level it up 

If you plan to add oats to your diet, be sure not to purchase the sweetened or instant ones. You must also avoid adding too many sweeteners and fat to your oatmeal. On the other hand, here’s how you can take your oats up to the next level of meal you’ll surely love. 

  • Go for whole or rolled oats 
  • Add your favorite berries  
  • Sprinkle cinnamon  
  • Put a dash of chia seeds 
  • Use low-fat milk  
  • Add nuts for extra crunch! 


2. Avocado 

Avocados are simply hard to resist. Good thing, you won’t have to!  

This green, creamy fruit is loaded with healthy fats, nutrients, and vitamins that are safe for people with type 2 diabetes. Fats from avocados are good fat that helps you control your blood sugar levels. It also improves heart health, increases insulin sensitivity, and lowers your cholesterol. 

But anything consumed in excess might have unfavorable effects in the future. Although this fruit may be good for your diabetes-friendly diet because it’s low carb and high-fiber, you should still be careful about how much you consume to avoid excessive calorie intake. 


Level it up 

Now, on to the fun part!  

There are so many creative ways to enjoy your avocado. While some eat this as plain as it is, freshly after just being peeled, others tend to be a little more innovative. Here’s a tasty idea that incorporates avocado into one of your meals that regulate blood sugar levels. Enjoy! 



What you’ll need: Wheat bread or corn thin, freshly mashed avocado, eggs, pepper 

Skip the butter, skip the mayo! Turn to your trusted healthy source of fat instead. You can either use corn thin or whole wheat bread in this recipe, it’s totally up to you. Fill your corn thin or wheat bread with mashed avocado, then add any cooked lean meat of your choice. In this recipe, we recommend sunny-side-up eggs. Sprinkle a bit of pepper to taste before heating it in the microwave. Then voila! Your very own diabetic-friendly avocado toast.   


3. Yogurt 

Yogurt is one of the superstar snacks on the market. It’s jam-packed with nutrients and protein that help your body maintain its healthy form. And for people who have diabetes, yogurt’s good for you too! It’s one of the dairy products that contain low GI level (Glycemic Index), which makes it safe for diabetics.  

But with all the different types of yogurts, you may see in stores today, you might wonder which type exactly is good to add to your diabetic-friendly diet plan. Rule of thumb: back away from sweetened yogurts or those that contain artificial sugars. If you plan to add this to your meals to regulate blood sugar, opting to consume unflavored, low-fat yogurt is more effective. 


Level it up 

Not a fan of yogurt? No problem. There are ways to make it better. We’ve suggested going after plain and unflavored yogurt to make sure you won’t be eating any artificial sweeteners. This doesn’t mean, however, that yogurts are not a fun snack. Turn it into a smoothie, a dip, frozen desserts—the possibilities are endless!  


Let’s get more creative. Check out some of these yogurt smoothie suggestions: 

Berry Yogurt Smoothie – mix your plain yogurt with the berries of your choice. Berries contain low sugar making it the most practical choice as a natural sweetener.  

Breakfast Meal Yogurt – this is a quick and easy fix! All you need are uncooked ground oats, plain yogurt, low-fat milk, chia seeds, and coffee (for flavoring, optional). Mix all the ingredients in a blender then serve in a glass! 


In a nutshell 

Staying healthy and committing to a nutritious diet won’t have to be so bland anymore. With a dash of creativity and a sprinkle of motivation, you camake any food item transform into an irresistible meal. Now, eating meals that regulate blood sugar can taste like a party in the mouth! Good luck with your future diabetes-friendly recipes. Happy eating! 

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