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Type 1 Diabetes: Treatment And How It Is Managed

Type 1 Diabetes: Treatment and How It Is Managed

Treatment options for type 1 diabetes are limited compared to other types of diabetes. Type 1 diabetes is irreversible and a lifelong condition. The only way to stabilize this condition is through regular doses of insulin as the body can’t produce natural insulin by itself. There are different types of insulin; sorted by the time it takes to take effect and how long it works. Here are the treatment options and health management tips for type 1 diabetes. 


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Type 1 Diabetes Treatment – Insulin Types 

There are four main types of insulin – categorized by differences in how fast they act, how long they take to achieve maximum efficiency, and how long the effect lasts before wearing off. Below is a table showing the insulin types and their characteristics. 


RAPID-ACTING  15 to 30 minutes  1 to 2 hours  4 to 6 hours 
REGULAR-ACTING  30 minutes to 1 hour  2 to 4 hours  6 to 8 hours 
INTERMEDIATE-ACTING  1 to 2 hours  4 to 6 hours  12 to 18 hours 
LONG-ACTING  1 to 2 hours  5 hours  24 hours 



How is Insulin Administered? 

Type 1 diabetes patients shouldn’t take insulin orally because the acids in the digestive system will break insulin down and cause it to lose its effect. There are only two ways of administering insulin – either by injection or pump. Insulin usually comes in a vial and is drawn out by a syringe or pre-filled in an insulin pen.   


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Type 1 Diabetes – Management 

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Type 1 diabetes is a chronic condition that requires lifelong maintenance of insulin. That’s why maintaining a healthy lifestyle is vital to manage type 1 diabetes symptoms and complications.   


Healthy Lifestyle Tips  

  • Eat a balanced diet according to how your body reacts to different foods.  
  • Exercise regularly to burn off the excess sugar in your system. 
  • Stay away from your stress triggers.  
  • Keep your mental well-being in check.  



Blood glucose tests are also a part of type 1 diabetes management, and they give better insight into the current condition of your body. Keeping your blood glucose levels in the recommended range reduces the risk of developing complications. Testing blood glucose levels is the only way to monitor progress and the effects of treatment and lifestyle changes.  


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