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Twist Top Lancets, 28 Gauge – 100 Lancets

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Our Twist Top Lancets have tri-beveled tips, minimizing skin trauma and discomfort. The Care Touch Lancets are sterilized for a long shelf life. The Care Touch Lancets can be used with most standard lancing devices such as Microlet, Truedraw, and other generic devices.


Regularly pricking your fingers to check your blood glucose level can feel extremely uncomfortable, and Care Touch understands that, especially the small bruises and swelling that follow. Your comfort is our utmost priority, that’s why we provide you with the best testing tools for your maximum convenience and optimal safety: Multicolored Lancets and Adjustable Lancing Device.

The multicolored lancets come in fun and bright colors, ideal for easy blood glucose testing for children. Each lancet also features a triple-bevel cut for instant healing and less skin trauma. The lancing device features 10 adjustable depths so you can give your fingers a break and prick anywhere on your body, where you feel the most comfortable. The ejector button pushes the safety lancet out to gently pierce the skin.

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Dimensions 2.39 × 1.59 × 3.09 cm


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