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Silver Alginate Dressing – 5 Sterile Gauze 4.3×4.3

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One individual alginate wound dressing can absorb nearly 20 times its weight, taking the harmful fluid from the wound. Wounds need proper moisture to heal properly; if they dry out, the healing process becomes elongated and more likely to scar. By maintaining a moist environment, the silver alginate dressing promotes quick and natural healing without the interference of outside contaminants.


Care Touch Silver Alginate Wound Dressing is made with alginate fibers, derived from seaweed, and silver for ultra accelerated healing. When absorbing exudates, our dressing forms a protective gel-like covering to ensure a sterile environment. The gel-silver combination helps to prevent the wound from drying out and does not adhere to any abrasions or wounds. Each box contains five (5) individually wrapped, sterile gauze (Size: 4. 3 x 4. 3).

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Weight 0.06 kg
Dimensions 15.24 × 2.03 × 17.01 cm


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