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Oralganix 2-in-1 Tongue Cleaner

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Clean your tongue, freshening your breath, with Oralganix 2-in-1 Tongue Cleaner. It uses soft, ultra-fine, brush bristles to give your tongue a deep, plaque-free, cleaning. The gentle TPR tongue scraper and flat brush head reduces discomfort. And, don’t worry, the handle is non-slip for precise brushing!


Dead cells and bacteria found on the tongue account for 90 percent of cases of halitosis. That’s why dentists recommend cleaning the tongue regularly for optimal oral hygiene. The Oralganix 2-in-1 Tongue Cleaner is designed to reach those crevices of your tongue that other scrapers can’t reach and remove harmful debris – all in one convenient tool. Our scraper is made with BPA-free TPR that removes the buildup that causes bad breath, gently and safely. The non-slip, ergonomic shape of the handle makes it easy to hold while the flat shape of the brush head minimizes gag reflex and overall discomfort.

Toothbrushes are designed to clean the smooth surfaces of enamel rather than the soft tissue of the tongue. Using a toothbrush is likely to induce a gag reflex and damage the soft tissue of the tongue. The Oralganix Tongue Cleaner is ergonomically designed to remove the maximum amount of film without causing discomfort and damage.

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