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Multi Color Twist Lancets 30G (300ct)

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Why not make blood testing more fun? Great for kids to help ease the discomfort by making it more exciting. The lancets triple sharpened needles, minimizes skin trauma and discomfort. Our lancing device is a best seller. It has 10 depths to choose from and is good for finger and alternate site testing. These lancets are compatible with most lancing devices. It is generic for Microlet Lancets. The Care Touch Lancets are gamma sterilized for a long shelf life.


Our lancets are designed for a more comfortable, easy experience when monitoring your health. Each lancet is disposable, sterile, and made of high-quality surgical steel. We also added a variety of color for more fun – the lancets are small and easy to carry, so you can monitor your levels anywhere. Our lancets offer consistent depth penetration, are triple bevel tip to minimize snagging or skin trauma, and make it easy for you and your doctor to keep track of your daily health.

These Care Touch Lancets are designed to minimize the amount of pain you feel when pricking yourself. With the tri-beveled tip it is virtually painless to prick your skin.

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1 review for Multi Color Twist Lancets 30G (300ct)

  1. pfree666 (verified owner)

    Great price for 300 Multi Color Twist Lancets 30G

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