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Liquid Hand Soap – Rose Lavender, Pack of 6

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Wash dirt, germs, and grease off your hands with our liquid hand soap. Your hands will feel refreshed after washing, and you’ll be left with the mild, calming, fragrance of Rose Lavender. The non-sticky and easy to rinse formula will keep you fresh!


Handwashing has never been this pleasant or inviting. With Care Touch Rose Lavender Antibacterial Liquid Hand soap, you can protect yourself and your loved ones through frequent handwashing. The charm of the appearance and fragrances help encourage you and the rest of the family to wash your hands often. When you turn a task into a satisfying experience, they’ll never forget to wash their hands before and after each meal, after toilet use, and maybe even find a reason to clean their hand’s in-between chores.

Secure your family’s health by having these liquid hand soaps in all necessary locations. Place one bottle in the kitchen by the sink and one in every bathroom. Do you have a wash area in the backyard? Place one there, too. You may choose one scent or mix and match. It’ll make for a delightful surprise of love at first lather.

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Dimensions 8.2 × 7.9 × 5.4 cm


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