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CPAP Mask Wipes Citrus- 70 Wipes Plus CPAP Tube Cleaning Brush (7 feet)

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Use the CPAP Citrus mask wipes for a quick daily cleanse of dirt and grease that accumulates in your CPAP mask. In combination with the CPAP Brush, you’ll be able to clean your CPAP tube thoroughly. You don’t need to thoroughly rinse and soak your mask every day. The wipes have a grime-busting formula that allows you to clean your mask easily. Our lint-free and non-woven wipes will ensure no harmful substances enter your CPAP tube and mask. When you’re all done, you’ll have a refreshing citrus smell in your CPAP mask.


For people sleeping or using a CPAP, BIPAP, or any other PAP machine, it is important to constantly clean the machines and tubes to keep them sterile, germ and bacteria-free. A person that sleeps approximately 6-8 hours a night, breaths on average 5,000 breaths a night which is over 2 million breaths a year. Now add on to that someone that is breathing through a mask and tube, especially one that humidifies the air, that is an absolute breeding ground for bacteria, germs, and infection to live and grow. For this reason, it is VERY IMPORTANT to clean the CPAP mask and tube on a constant basis.

The 7 ft. Care Touch CPAP Cleaning Brush was made with simplicity, allowing for an efficient method of cleaning a rather stubborn object. Our goal is to make maintaining your health and medical equipment as easy and stress-free as possible.

With the wipes, you not only clean the inside but disinfect the exterior of your mask and tubes to make your CPAP equipment look and feel brand new. The wipes are unscented so all you get is a fresh clean machine!

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