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Pro Body Fat Measure with Skinfold Caliper Set

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The best way to monitor your fitness progress is by measuring your body fat percentage through the skinfold method using the caliper since much of the fat is underneath the skin. See instant and accurate results with one click. To guide you in your weight management journey, this set includes a precise fat caliper, ergonomic measuring tape, measurement chart for men and women, and a detailed user manual for fitness enthusiasts. The skinfold body fat caliper is designed for easy use. Pinch your skin, click the tool, and read the measurement. It provides the same results as other fancy BMI calculators, but at a more reasonable price.


Care Touch’s Pro Body Fat Measurement Set allows you to keep track of your weight loss and muscle gains in the most accurate way possible. Let us equip you with superior BMI measurement tools as you embark on your fitness journey.

All these tools ensure consistent and accurate measurements to help you monitor how much body fat you are losing or how much muscle mass you are gaining. The body fat caliper’s spring-load mechanism measures skinfold thickness precisely, while the measuring tape features a pin-lock and retraction button for easier recording. Check your results with the detailed chart, and learn necessary tips through the detailed user guide.

Monitor your health wisely and understand your body better with Care Touch, your helping hand towards a healthier lifestyle.

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