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Lancing Tips And Tricks

Lancing Tips And Tricks

A lancing device gives a spring-loaded quick prick to the finger in order to quickly draw blood in an almost painless way. However, the feeling of drawing blood with a needle may still have you feeling like a pincushion, so we’ve provided a few tips and tricks to make the process easier.


Keep your hands warm:

It may seem simple, but that doesn’t mean it’s obvious. Heating your fingers by rubbing them together, scrubbing them with soap and water, or just providing them with some heat and pressure will increase your blood flow. This will make it easier and less painful!


Test the side of your finger:

The side of your finger has better blood flow and is far less painful than testing on the pad of your finger. While there is more space for testing, it doesn’t make it a better area for painless draws.


Switch the fingers you use for testing:

Repeatedly using the same finger and spot for readings may cause scarring and calluses.


Use the right tools for the job:

Make sure that your lancets are sharp, and that your glucose reading machine is accurate. Each lancet should only be used once, as repeated uses will dull the blade, making it overall more difficult and painful to draw blood. Care Touch Lancets are tripled sharpened to ensure that each blood drawing quick and painless!  

Having an accurate glucose reading machine will ensure that you aren’t wasting your blood and effort on multiple readings. Care Touch also offers a wide range of glucometers that are perfect for on the go testing, and won’t interfere with your new routine.

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