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How Celebrating The Holidays Changed During COVID-19

How Celebrating the Holidays Changed During COVID-19

With the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, celebrating traditions and holidays took a sharp turn. Bans and restrictions limit the way we enjoy these events. This December, as Christmas and New Year approaches, we look into our homes to observe these yearly celebrations.   

We see a change in social interactions, especially in public places, which means we have to adjust to enjoy the holidays’ spirit. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, we’ve gone through several holidays such as Thanksgiving and Halloween. So, how different is celebrating the holidays during COVID-19 

Here are the trends that we’ve observed.  


People are looking to celebrate every little occasion 

Stay-at-home mandates and restrictions made billions of people feel isolated in society. For this reason, people have been looking for ways to find a silver lining, or perhaps something to find happiness amid the situation.  


Consumers are more health-conscious 
The fear of contracting the virus contributes to the fact that we are now more health-conscious than ever. There’s been a surge in the health and wellness market, especially for supplements and personal care. That is why our home medical products are in high demand due to this trend. 


Virtual holiday celebrations are now common  

Big families and teams now celebrate the holidays virtually as social distancing is highly encouraged to prevent the spread of COVID-19We’re expecting that holiday parties and observations will see more virtual interactions this year.  


Gift choices are more intimate  

Everyone is having a hard time mentally and financially amid this crisis. Gift-giving is something we all appreciate, and it’s even more special when we receive a well-thought-out present. This is especially true for families or couples who are separated by distance due to the pandemic.  


Lesser holiday destinations   

Travel restrictions among countries and popular holiday destinations make traveling impossible or hard. Some countries ask for a large deposit for swab testing and insurance, and you’re required to stay isolated in a hotel room for 14 days to ensure you’re not COVID-19 positive.  


Stay safe during the holidays  

We all want to be with friends and family during the holidays. Even though we know large gatherings during a pandemic may endanger ourselves and loved ones, the drive for human connection is strong. We must think of our safety and theirs – especially those at most risk like the elderly, children, and those with underlying conditions.   

Even after all this, if you still want to have a large gathering, it’s crucial to get everyone tested for the virus to ensure everyone’s safety. We recommend to have the lab tests and have everyone stay in isolation 14 days before the event, and bring Care Touch sanitizing supplies to disinfect hands and surfaces for extra protection from the virus. 

The separation and isolation due to the pandemic affect mental health, which may be as risky to a person’s health as exposure to coronavirus, so we ought to show our loved ones that we’re still there for them even if we’re apart. If you’re the one who needs support, don’t hesitate to reach out to friends and family. Happy holidays from your Care Touch family! 

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