Lens Cleaning Solution
Does the cleaning solution contain alcohol, ammonia, or silicone?
Our solution is effective yet non-toxic and gentle. It does not contain any alcohol, ammonia, or silicone.

Can these be used on coated lenses?
The Care Touch Lens Cleaner is safe to use with all coated lenses including transition, anti-glare, and other coatings.

Is it safe to spray directly on devices or should I spray on the cloth before wiping off?
Yes. You can spray it on any surfaces before wiping off the dirt, or you can spray the solution on a cloth prior to wiping down any surfaces.

How does the lens cleaner work?
Lens cleaners work by gently removing the oils on the surface. They are devoid of any abrasive substances to prevent them from scratching the surface of the lens. Alcohol-based cleaners get rid of the oils on surfaces instantly. However, due to our alcohol-free formula that is safe for all surfaces, you may have to wipe several times to completely remove dirt and grease.

Are the spray bottles refillable?
Yes. Make sure to wash the bottle once the cleaning solution has been used to avoid mixing up the content with the new liquid you will fill the bottle with.

What are the sizes of the spray bottles?
Our lens cleaner kit comes with two (2) 8 oz. Lens Cleaning Solution Spray Bottle and (1) 2 oz. Lens Cleaning Solution Spray Bottle, which you can bring when traveling.

Can I bring the cleaning solution aboard a plane?
It’s the perfect size to keep in your bag or car so your lenses are always spotless. The TSA-friendly bottle gets through bag check easily so you can take it with you on vacation and keep your camera lens crystal clear.

Is the cleaning solution scented?
Our lens cleaning solution is unscented.

Is it safe to use for TV screens and monitors?
Yes. They are perfectly safe to use.

Why is my lens scratched after using the cleaning solution?
The most probable reason why your lens got scratched after using our cleaning solution is because of tiny dirt particles left while wiping. These fine dirt particles are abrasive and will scratch your lens.

Microfiber Cloths
What are the dimensions of the microfiber cloths?
Our extra-large microfiber cloths are approximately 6’’x7’’.

Can I wash the microfiber cloths?
The microfiber cloths are reusable and machine-washable. Use the gentle cycle or hand wash and allow to air dry.

What are the surfaces I could clean with the microfiber cloths?
You may use these cloths to clean glass surfaces such as eyeglasses, smartphones, computer screens, including those with anti-reflective, transition, anti-fog, and other coatings.

Are the microfiber cloths lint-free?
Yes. They are made with extra-fine materials.

Are the microfiber cloths reusable?
Yes. They are reusable and machine-washable.

Can I cut the microfiber cloths into pieces?
Yes. If you prefer using them on small items you may do so.

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