How large are the wipes?

The wipes are 7 inches x 8 inches in size.

Are the wipes unscented?

Yes. Our wipes are fragrance-free and contain no alcohol.

How does it kill bacteria if it doesn’t have alcohol?

The cleaning agent on the wipes removes stains and dirt, without damaging the leather while adding a nice fresh scent.

How does it condition leather shoes and clothes?

The protective film covering it is a balm made with ingredients that restore the leather while the wipe is a soft material that doesn’t leave any marks, so your leather item looks brand new.

Are these wipes flushable?

No. Please dispose of the wipes properly in a trash bin.

Can I reuse the wipes?

No. These wipes are disposable.

Can I use these to wipe other surfaces?

Yes. You can use them on different surfaces such as shopping cart handles, doorknobs, tables, and more.

What are the surfaces I can clean with these wipes?

They’re specially designed for leather items, like clothes, shoes, and bags. However, you can use them on different surfaces such as shopping cart handles, doorknobs, tables, and more.

Are these wipes safe to use?

Yes. Our alcohol-free leather wipes are non-toxic and phosphate-free. They are gentle on leather and help replenish moisture.

How many wipes does one (1) canister contain?

Each canister comes with 40 Care Touch Leather Wipes.

Does this work on white leather?

Yes, it works with light-colored leather because there’s no discoloration.

Does this change the color of the leather?

No, it does not.

Does it leave a scent on my leather?

It will make your leather smell fresh.

Can I use it on my purse?

Yes. As long as the purse is made of leather.

Will it make leather smell better?

Yes. It will make leather smell fresh and will remove light smells as well as surface stains.

Will it remove stains from my leather items?

Yes. It removes all residue from leather surfaces. However, it may not be as effective with spots from the liquid that have been absorbed into the leather.

Will it clean suede and faux/synthetic leather?

Yes. However, it might not benefit from the light conditioning as genuine leather will.

Does it prevent my leather from wrinkling?

Yes. It revitalizes your leather items so they look as good as new. Use regularly to prevent wrinkling, drying, fading, and cracking.

Does it leave a grease- or oil-like substance when used?

No. It only leaves the leather clean and supple with a light fresh scent.

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