What is a lancing device?

A lancing device is a tool used to draw blood for diabetes management. With the use of inserted lancets, the device pricks the skin to collect a blood sample, which can be tested through a glucometer. For blood glucose level monitoring, check out our diabetes testing kit.


Does it work with regular lancets?

While it can fit any lancets from other brands, it’s recommended to use Care Touch brand lancets for better handling and compatibility as it’s designed to work well with our own product.


What are the components of this lancing device?

Our lancing device is made up of adjustable caps, cocking control, ejector, lancet holder, depth indicator, and arrows. Download the user manual for more information.


What does the adjustable depth setting do? 

It adjusts the depth of the lancet’s penetration to maximize sample collection while minimizing pain and discomfort on the site.


Are all lancing devices the same?

Not all lancing devices are the same. However, the general purpose of their use is the same.


How do I set up the Care Touch Lancing Device?

For best results, follow the steps below:

  1. Twist and pull off the cap of the lancing device.
  2. Insert a lancet and secure it properly.
  3. Twist the protective cover of the lancet.
  4. Place and twist the cap back.
  5. Select the depth of penetration.
  6. Put the control back until it clicks. Your device should then be ready for use.


Does it come with lancets?

Yes. The Care Touch lancing device is sold with plain or multi-color twist-top lancets. Lancets are also sold separately if you just need to replenish your supplies.