How does the infrared ear thermometer work?
It uses a sensor to measure the temperature of the energy from the eardrum. This energy is collected through the sensor and converted to body temperature values.

How do I properly take measurements?
Make sure that the ear canal is unobstructed and straight. This is done by gently pulling the outer ear backward.

Why do I get different results from the left and right ears?
The temperature will vary depending on the amount of earwax and dirt accumulated in your ears.

Can I use this on different surfaces?
Yes. You can measure different surfaces with this thermometer. Be sure to use a probe cover and don’t submerge the sensor in liquid.

Is this waterproof?
No. Please use a probe cover when taking the temperature of liquids.

Is this safe to use on babies’ ears?
Yes. The probe is short enough not to reach a baby’s eardrum. Their eardrums are smaller than the tip so it can’t reach the eardrums or sensitive parts of their ears.

Does it emit harmful radiation?
No. Our infrared ear thermometer does not emit anything. It only acts as a conductor and measures the radiated heat from the ear.

Which ear is the best for taking temperature measurements?
There’s no significant difference between the left and right ear. Results may vary on the amount of earwax and other obstructions present.

What kind of battery does it use for the power source?
This thermometer uses a lithium battery as the power source.

How often do I clean the thermometer tip and how do I clean it?
The tip should be cleaned every after use. An alcohol wipe with 70% saturation is recommended for cleaning the thermometer. Don’t use abrasive cleaning solutions, thinners, or benzene.