How do I properly dispose of needles?

To help avoid HIV (AIDS), HBV (Hepatitis), and other infectious diseases due to accidental needle sticks, follow standard infection control precautions as specified by the CDC or local equivalent. All syringes and needles are to be disposed of according to local guidelines.


Can I reuse these needles?

No. We strongly recommend disposing of the needles after use as they are designed to be single-use for sterility and hygienic purposes. Also, the tip of a new needle is sharp and precisely formed to ensure gentle lancing but the tip can become dull or bent if used more than once.


Does it come with a syringe?

No. Our syringes are sold separately.


What does the Luer connection mean?

The Luer connection or taper is a standardized fitting for syringes to make leak-free connections between the syringe and the needle. It’s one of the most common types of locks most syringes use today.


Are there any options for needle gauge and length?

Yes. Our needles come in a variety of sizes to allow you to find the one best suited for your comfort and needs.


What are the benefits of a silicon-coated needle?

Silicone coating provides lubrication to the needle, creating less surface tension onto your skin to reduce discomfort upon injection or extraction.


What are triple sharpened needles?

It is a medical standard for needles. It alludes to how the needle’s sharp end is formed – three bevels are formed, one at the surface and one of each at the sides. This will make skin penetration easier and less painful.


Can I bring my needles aboard a plane?

Yes. Make sure a physician prescribed your insulin and needles by providing a professional, pre-printed pharmaceutical label identifying the medication. As long as they are covered and labeled clearly, it is okay to bring needles for diabetes management on board.


What does thin-wall technology do?

The thin wall technology increases the flow inside each needle and decreases the required pressure required to inject fluids. This allows for more comfort during skin penetration.


Are these needles universal?

Yes. They fit any standard Luer lock or slip tip syringe.



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