What is the use of a pulse oximeter?

The pulse oximeter measures both SpO2 and pulse readings.


What is SpO2 saturation?

When oxygen is inhaled in the lungs, it attaches to hemoglobin, which is then distributed to the body. The pulse oximeter takes a snapshot of the blood in your body and accurately measures the percentage of cells in your body that has been saturated with oxygen.


What is the normal range of blood oxygen reading on pulse oximeters?

A healthy amount of oxygen saturation ranges from 94%-100% and less can be a sign of poor oxygen levels.


Can a pulse oximeter detect heart rate?

Yes. The heart rate will be displayed in the form of PRbpm.


Which finger yields the most accurate results?

Studies have shown that pulse oximetry measurements should be taken at the ring, middle, or index fingers. The readings taken from these fingers have equal results.


Can an oximeter detect heart attack or failure?

Using an oximeter gives highly accurate readings of the presence of hypoxemia – which is linked to the degree of acute heart failure. People with mild to moderate acute heart failure may show a moderate decrease in oxygen saturation, whereas people with severe heart failure may show dips in oxygen saturation even at rest. A pulse oximeter is also helpful for reviewing the response to supplemental oxygen and related therapies.

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