Are these brushes reusable?

Yes. They are reusable and washable. Just wash with a cleaning solution or mild soap, rinse, and then hang to dry.


How wide are the brushes?

We have two (2) variations for our CPAP Tube Brush – 16 mm and 22 mm diameter.


Will these fit in my tube hose?

The longer brush fits into the standard CPAP hose size and the shorter one can be used for the smaller opening of most CPAP mask tubing.


Do I have to use a cleaning solution with these brushes?

Yes. It is recommended to use a mild detergent, soap, or cleaning solution to thoroughly disinfect your hose using our brushes.


Does the shorter brush have shorter bristles?

No. Both brushes have the same bristle length. Only the length of the stainless steel stem varies.


Does it come with a soap?

Yes. We have a bundled product that includes the CPAP Tube Brushes and CPAP Soap.


Are the brushes soft and flexible?

Yes. The brushes are ideal for sensitive CPAP tubes that’s why they are built with premium-grade materials for efficient cleaning.


Can I use these brushes with other tubes?

Yes. As long as the two (2) variations of the brushes fit the tubes.


Can I use these brushes with bottles?

The brushes are specifically designed for CPAP tubes but it can be used for other purposes, like cleaning bottles, if the brush fits the container. Keep in mind that the bristles are made with a soft material so be sure to use only mild detergent or soap when cleaning.