Is the nose bar rigid?

No. It’s flexible and not too hard that it weighs down on your nose. However, if you’re a medical professional who needs to wear face masks for a long shift, it may leave a red mark on the bridge of your nose.

Are these masks anti-virus?

Yes. The World Health Organization advises the use of surgical masks for medical professionals and any person working with COVID-19 patients.

Are these N95 masks?

No. These are medical or surgical masks.

Are they medical-grade?

Yes. These masks are intended for medical use.

Can the masks be reused/washed?

No. They’re disposable and meant to be discarded after use.

Do the masks have a smell?

No. Our masks are unscented.

Does it come in a box?

Yes. The masks are sealed in a box, each one containing 50 pcs.

Are the masks sealed?

Yes. They’re sealed in a plastic bag and placed in a box.

Can you breathe through this comfortably?

Yes. They’re designed to give added protection from the virus while allowing low breathability resistance.

How should the mask be worn?

The colored side should face outwards as it prevents liquid from entering your nasal cavity. Neither side of a 3-ply mask filters bacteria. That is done by the filter in the middle.

Can a face mask expire?

Yes. Face masks can last up to 3 years from the manufacture date if left sealed and stored properly. When opened, they’re good for up to 3 months.

Can a face mask cause breathing problems?

It can aggravate difficulty in breathing for people with existing health issues that cause trouble in breathing, like asthma and other lung problems.

How often should I wear a face mask to prevent catching COVID-19?

The World Health Organization advises that it’s only necessary for people in constant contact with COVID-19 patients, such as medical professionals or family members caring for the asymptomatic. However, we strongly urge that you follow any mandate in your area that requires you to wear masks when outside or in public areas. Avoid touching the front of the mask to avoid contamination.

Do these masks have filters?

Yes. The term 3-ply indicates there’s a filter in between the blue and white sheets to protect you from viruses and other particles in the air.