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How To Achieve Your Fitness Goals For The New Year

How to Achieve Your Fitness Goals for the New Year

As we approach the year 2021, we look into new changes in our lives. It is a great time to commit to a more active lifestyle, but chances are, it’ll only last for a month or two before the laziness and lack of willpower kicks in. Despite that, you can still motivate and reward yourself and achieve your fitness goals.   


Whether it’s weight loss, a healthier body, a personal goal, or whatever you have in mind, planning fitness goals for the new year is straightforward — but successfully achieving those goals can prove to be challenging. So, if you’re serious about your goals, follow these tips on how to achieve your fitness goals for the new year.  


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5 Habits You Can Start This New Year: Living A Healthier Life

5 Habits You Can Start this New Year: Living a Healthier Life

The year 2020 has been tough for everyone. We experienced a pandemic, riots, and calamities all year round. For months, people stayed at home, left to do what they want, and develop new habits. There may be undesirable habits we’ve picked up, but that doesn’t mean we can’t change them.  

It’s the time of year again to list down the things we want to change in our lives. Many people make unrealistic goals for the new year and then find themselves quitting or pushing it back further. That is why it’s crucial to make realistic plans to help you achieve them easier 

We are never in a perfect state, so there’s always room for improvement. Recognizing these flaws will bring personal improvement for a better you. Here are five habits you can start this new year to live a healthier life.  


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51 Holiday Gift Ideas For People With Diabetes

51 Holiday Gift Ideas for People with Diabetes

Christmas and New Year are approaching fast, and it’s time to shop for gifts. Buying a gift for someone with diabetes may pose a challenge since you have to be more thoughtful than usual. It’s best to find a useful item or service that will let them feel appreciated and understood regarding their health condition.  

There are specific gifts people with this condition might appreciate more than others. That is why we’ve listed down holiday gift ideas for people with diabetes, so you can plan and prepare the best gift for them. You may choose one or incorporate a few into one unique package to make them feel more special during these coming holidays.  

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How Celebrating The Holidays Changed During COVID-19

How Celebrating the Holidays Changed During COVID-19

With the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, celebrating traditions and holidays took a sharp turn. Bans and restrictions limit the way we enjoy these events. This December, as Christmas and New Year approaches, we look into our homes to observe these yearly celebrations.   

We see a change in social interactions, especially in public places, which means we have to adjust to enjoy the holidays’ spirit. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, we’ve gone through several holidays such as Thanksgiving and Halloween. So, how different is celebrating the holidays during COVID-19 

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8 Healthy Meals For Christmas Dinner

8 Healthy Meals for Christmas Dinner

Christmas Eve is the time of the year when we let ourselves indulge in delicious food. Festive cheers and meals will soon fill your house as you celebrate your Christmas dinner. Keep the holiday healthy with a table full of tasty but healthy Christmas meals with these alternatives that won’t break the scales or compromise your health condition.  

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5 Handwashing Facts You Should Know About

5 Handwashing Facts You Should Know About

Handwashing week is the time to shed light on the importance of handwashing to our health. We touch hundreds of surfaces every day, and when you touch your face, dangerous bacteria and viruses could enter your eyes, nose, and mouth.   

Washing your hands is one of the best ways to combat germs and diseases. Diseases such as the common cold to other infections like COVID-19, pneumonia, hepatitis, and various types of diarrhea are caused by a lack of information. That is why it’s crucial to know the facts and avoid the dangers of improper hand hygiene practices.  

Equip yourself with the right knowledge with these handwashing facts.  

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8 Healthy Holiday Desserts You Can Make At Home

8 Healthy Holiday Desserts You Can Make at Home

Holiday desserts taste great, but they add up over the holidays, causing spikes in your glucose levels. Managing health conditions such as diabetes will guilt you into not enjoying these tasty treats and possibly cause several health problems along the way if you push through.   

So how do you stay in the festive spirit and enjoy holiday desserts without compromising your health? Eat healthy desserts! Yes. They exist.  

Here are eight healthy holiday desserts you can make at home this holiday season.  

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Post-Thanksgiving Workout - The Morning After

Post-Thanksgiving Workout – The Morning After

Massive holidays are coming up right around the corner as we inch closer to the end of the year. Bountiful feasts await you, and the stress of gaining a pound the following morning weighs down on you.  

Thanksgiving could be a holiday full of tasty food and fun company, a time to have fun and unwind. In any case, you may be feeling a bit of post-Thanksgiving guilt after reveling in that turkey leg or pumpkin pie.   

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Diabetes Distress: The Link Between Diabetes And Mental Health

Diabetes Distress: The Link Between Diabetes and Mental Health 


People with diabetes are more likely to experience higher tendencies of developing mental health issues. These include mood swings, depression, anxiety, confusion, etc. Diabetes management, especially of the physical symptoms, is a constant battle. Once you are afflicted with diabetes, drugs and several lifestyle changes can become permanent. In this article, we’ll take a look at a mental health condition called diabetes distress and how to overcome it.  


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